The Most Popular Dog Gift Ideas

One of the most profitable markets in the US right now is that of pet accessories. Although many industries are experimenting significant losses, the love for our loyal friends seems not to have decreased one bit and does not show signs of immediate recession, since expenses levels, especially for dogs, are still on high levels.

There are in fact many websites dedicated to gift ideas for dogs, cats and other animals where it is possible to find the oddest items that are usually difficult to find in Italy. Among all pets, dogs are the most popular animals these industry dedicates websites to, showcasing accessories, toys and grooming articles.

Among these many products, toys for every type of dog, puppy and for every occasion. From teddy bears of all sizes to Frisbee and other catching toys. There are even puzzles and games similar to the ones for children and also play parks to install in the living room or the garden. Houses in timber and dog carriers are also a popular gift among lovers of these animals. Right now, the most popular gift idea for dogs is the bed. Since many owners do not allow their dogs to sleep on their same bed, companies have been fast to come up with comfortable, luxurious beds that if custom made can be an exact replica of the owner’s bed.

Grooming supplies and accessories are where owners go crazy on this type of website. Collars of all colors, embellished with rhinestones or with small picture frames are popular choices, as are brushes and gloves to groom the dog’s hair. Shampoos, conditioners, pesticides and protectors are other gifts dog owners purchase the most. On the fashion department, top choices are coats and boots for all seasons, raincoats and bathrobes.

There are also sophisticated items to be used inside the home like add-on doors for dogs and bells for the most educated dogs, in order to let their owner know that they need to go outside or want to go for a run and play. For these daily walks, double leashes that minimize shock are available, as well as flexible leashes and boots to go hiking or walking under the rain.

Last but not least, a popular gift for dogs, especially in the United States, is that of spa packages. Since there are numerous beauty salons dedicated to grooming and washing of animals, some go a step further and offer a complete pack that includes massage, pedicure and grooming.

The market does not cease to grow with ever more original additions. Both abroad and in Italy, and even if presents here tend to be a little more traditional, the truth is online commerce has made it easier than ever to have access to original presents with just one click.